Important information about your My Oasis Card

As you may have heard, Oasis has gone into administration (with Deloitte). Here's some information about how this affects your My Oasis Card account.

  • Will my payments change?

    Your credit agreement for your Oasis card is with Ikano Bank, so any changes to the Oasis business (for example, the company going into administration or being sold) does not affect how much you owe, your monthly payments or your account information.

    Please make sure that you stay up to date with payments - there is a £12 late payment fee if payments don’t clear on your account by your due date. If you can’t afford to pay more at the moment due to the issues caused by the Coronavirus health alert, please just try to pay more when you can. Please go to if you have any concerns about keeping up with payments.

  • Can I still spend using My Oasis Card?

    No, unfortunately the My Oasis card is no longer accepted in Oasis stores or online at

  • Will I still receive a statement for My Oasis Card account?
    Yes, your My Oasis Card statement will continue to be sent to you in the usual way. You can view your latest online statement and payment information by logging into your account at