Retail finance and loyalty specialist Ikano Financial Services, is developing a white label smartphone app for its retail clients to support its range of loyalty products.

The app, which is being developed in partnership with mobile marketing and technology specialist Incentivated, will help to reduce loyalty scheme costs for retailers.

In addition to enabling retailers’ customers to register to a programme, the app will allow retailers to communicate notifications and offers straight to customers, negating the need for plastic cards and reducing marketing costs.

Retailers will also be able to utilise the new technology to target consumers on-the-go with geo-location enabled offers, whilst end use consumers will be able to check their balances and other account details.

Lindsey Ulanowsky, head of client services and marketing at Ikano comments:

“Mobile will be a key retail channel for consumers in the coming years, and our new mobile CRM strategy will add value to our clients and their offer to consumers. We have partnered with Incentivated for the delivery of this strategy, as it’s a recognised industry leader for mobile marketing."

Incentivated is developing the app for Ikano and providing the content management system, from which Ikano will deploy all offers.

“Ikano has recognised the need for a considered mobile loyalty solution in a sector that is accelerating in terms of customer adoption of mobile with their purchase path,” explains Jonathan Bass, managing director of Incentivated.“We believe that good mobile marketing is all-inclusive, and are delighted to implement a mobile solution in partnership with Ikano.”

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