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Here's what revolving finance can do for you:

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grow sales

For one of our retailers, cardholders spend 58% more than customers on other tender types.i Convenient payment must be part of any great customer experience strategy.

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Need to boost footfall, traffic and spend? We've found that customers with retail finance spend more often than those without.i

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60% of consumers like to have a store card for the shops they use often.ii White labelled to your brand, revolving finance keeps you connected to your customer.

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Revolving finance is a data driver, but it's not enough to create data. We help you create insight into your customer and what influences them.

Multichannel & instant credit puts the customer in control.

We all want to feel in control of our finances. We want to buy swiftly, seamlessly and safely. Revolving finance empowers your customers by helping them stay on top of their finances and in control of their spending. Here's what one consumer had to say, "When you think about it there shouldn't be any issue using a store card if you pay your bills on time. In fact, it's quite helpful to see what you've been spending in store"iii


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“I like the flexibility of buying something which is a little bit more expensive and not having to pay for it straight away; spreading the cost out over a fixed period of time.”

Alison, Aberdeen

“I love the interest free and love the offers.”

Rahma, Manchester

Case studies


Online Apply & Buy increases ATV by 8%, plus a 172% uplift in new applications

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Retail finance customers deliver up to 81% uplift vs. non-finance customers

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“Low interest rate, little monthly payments plan and easy to use in store & online.”

Deborah, London


Home improvements

Home improvements

Point of sale finance options across home improvements. Window, kitchen, bathroom, & boiler businesses are just a few.

Home improvements

Sports and Leisure

Retail Finance for all of your customers sporting & down time activities whether it’s a new bike, skis or a hot tub for relaxing.

Sports and leisure


Home furnishings

Sofas, bedrooms, dining, soft furnishings, carpets, flooring & more. Point of sale finance options for every room in the home.

Home furnishings
Home electricals

Home electricals

White goods, computers, entertainment and other household appliances. Point of sale finance options for all your customers' electrical needs.

Home electricals




Your customers can wear now, pay later while you increase brand engagement with multichannel revolving finance.

optical and hearing care

Optical and hearing care

Give your customers the quality and style they want by offering payment options. Finance for glasses, prescription sunglasses and hearing aids.

Optical and hearing care
New Look

(There are many benefits to instant credit)…. Absolute sales, level of participation in the business, the average transaction value and average frequency of spend of those cardholders…they like us, they like our product and like to have an affiliation with us so they spend more and shop more often.”
PCL Research

Steve Challes, Group Business Development Director, New Look.

Ikano Bank provides fair and responsible lending and does not stretch a consumer's affordability. Consumers can open an account with a £50 limit. This is not something any credit card provider can offer.

Blogs from our revolving finance team

Is direct mail a thing of the past?

Sarah our account manager

Inboxes are bursting and many emails go unopened. Sarah, our Account Manager explores the resurgence of direct mail and gives her view on how brands can approach communication across multiple channels to engage with customers and increase conversion.


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“The card is easy to use and pay back when it’s the right time; I’ve already recommended to friends and they now have a New Look card.”

Sarah, East Sussex

Why work with Ikano Bank?

We’re a family owned bank that’s been providing retail finance in the UK for more than 20 years. Our roots are in retail. The same family that founded IKEA, founded Ikano in 1988.

We’re proud of our unique retail heritage and what we’ve learned from it - a strong and simple idea, with a little bit of hard work and good values is important for success. From our UK base in Nottingham, we offer simple retail finance products with over 250 retailers across the UK.

Working with Ikano Bank

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i. Ikano Bank retailer research & analysis, 2017 ii. Mintel research, Consumer attitudes towards retail credit, October 2015 iii. New Look, Retail Credit Exploration, Relish research, June 15