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Richard's Tips for First Time Runners

If you’ve signed up for your first half in Nottingham in September, then first of all - congratulations! You’ve taken the first big step towards crossing the finishing line.

Running your first distance race is daunting. I remember getting a place in my first marathon in New York and, at the time, I hadn’t even run one mile!

The good news is, you will do it. With the right training plan, motivation and commitment, you will cross that finishing line at Victoria Embankment with the noise of the crowd ringing in your ears and, believe me, there is no feeling like it.

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Richard Whitehead

Here’s my top tips for running your first 13.1 miles:

Foundation -
Build a solid foundation of fitness by covering consistent short distances as part of your general lifestyle before really focusing on your pre-race plan.



Nutrition - Make sure you fuel your body well in advance of race day. Complex carbohydrates are really important and you get these from fruits, vegetables & whole grains. Ease off on proteins and fats in the days before the race.



Hydration - Keeping hydrated is essential, particularly when running long distances. Maintain your water levels leading up to the event but try to avoid drinking too much just before the race.



Hill training - Hill training will really pay off on race day, even if the course is relatively flat. It makes a big difference in developing your cardiovascular and muscular strength while also helping you mentally when dealing with fatigue.



Get your rest - Rest is just as an important part of your training plan as running. Proper rest leads to faster recovery, which is essential to you running your best.



Tapering - In the final weeks leading up to the race, you should reduce your mileage quite significantly. This allows your body a chance to recover before race day.



Stay motivated - Easier said than done on a wet and cold September morning! Use what works for you which could be training with a partner, getting support from online running communities or focusing on the worthwhile cause who will benefit from your fundraising efforts.



Enjoy it! - Running a half marathon is a fantastic achievement, be proud and enjoy it!