Your credit file

Before lending you money, banks, loan companies and shops want to be confident that you can pay the money back.

To help them make these decisions, they look at the information held by companies called credit reference agencies.

These agencies hold lots of information about most adults in the UK. About which financial products you have now, ones you’ve had in the past and how well you managed the repayments on those products.

Credit reference agencies hold lots of information, including:

  • your name and address
  • whether you are on the electoral roll at your current address
  • how much you currently owe lenders
  • details of any financial products in your name
  • any missed or late payments on existing or past credit card or loan accounts
  • any County Court Judgments (CCJs) made against you

Your credit report provides these facts about you, but it doesn’t advise lenders whether they should lend money to you or not. Lenders will usually have their own ‘credit scoring system’ to make decisions about lending money, which uses information from your credit report.

How to check your credit report

You can request a copy of your credit report from any of the credit reference agencies.

The agencies often have free online reports for new customers. This can be a great way to view your information quickly, but check the terms and conditions when you sign up. Sometimes you'll be charged after an introductory period.

In the UK there are 3 main credit reference agencies


Customer Support Centre
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Consumer Services Team

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Tel: 0330 024 7574 



Customer Service Centre
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