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More about Ikano Bank

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Ikano Bank has been around for a long time and has a great history. Where did we come from and what are we about? Find out more about our history, our culture and what we do

Our UK business is based in Nottingham and we take great pride in living our values on a daily basis and working together to provide finance solutions for our customers that are simple, easy to understand and help create possibilities for better living.

Started by the founder of IKEA

Interesting facts about Ikano Bank

  • Ikano was originally part of IKEA which was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943
  • We are still owned by the Kamprad family to this day
  • We have been providing finance products in the UK for over 25 years
  • Proud sponsors of the Robin Hood Marathon since 2012

A little bit of our history

Ikano was originally a part of the home furnishing company IKEA, founded by Ingvar Kamprad in Älmhult, Småland, in the southern part of Sweden, in 1943. During the 1980’s, IKEA was divided into three independent groups of companies – Ingka Group, Inter IKEA Group and the Ikano Group.

The Ikano Group operates in 17 countries throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and the Americas, with a mission to simplify the lives of the many people. This, together with our shared values, and a culture based on the spirit of togetherness, guides us in everything we do.

Ikano Bank was set up in the UK in 1994 with a clear ambition to share our bank’s promise of delivering finance on fair terms.

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Our promise: On fair terms

At Ikano we ask ourselves: "Is this on fair terms?" We constantly review our solutions and our way of working with customers, partners and co-workers. The reason for this is that we are in business for the long run and we seek long-lasting relationships.

Being on fair terms is essential for building strong relationships, creating value and growing a business. We live the promise - on fair terms - because we know that the quality and reputation of a company is determined by the promise made and the promise kept.

We act for a sustainable future, taking responsibility for the economic, social and environmental aspects related to our businesses.

Our values

Three basic values guide all Ikano businesses: common sense and simplicity, working together and daring to be different. These values support our promise: on fair terms.

We believe that no method is more effective than setting a good example. Living our values is how we make a difference.

Did you know that we work with over 150 partners across multiple industries?

A few of our partners: IKEA, FW Home Stores, DFS, SCS, New Look, Greener Energy Group


In the UK, Ikano Bank provides a range of finance solutions for over 150 partners.

These cover a wide range of product areas, from fashion, furniture and homewares through to home improvements and energy.

Hopefully this gives you a bit of an insight into who we are and what we are about, watch out for more upcoming articles where we will be looking at sustainability, wellbeing and security.


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