Problem with your purchase?

We can support you to raise a claim with the retailer

How we can help you

If there's a problem with something you've bought using finance from Ikano Bank, we can support you.

If you can't resolve it with the retailer yourself, you can raise a claim through us.

We'll work with you and the retailer to try and sort the problem out.

While your claim is being investigated

Please keep making your monthly payments. If you stop them, you may get late payment fees and it could impact your credit file.

We'll let you know if you don't need to pay.

Before you raise a claim with us

We know sometimes that things can go wrong and that goods or services, can occasionally not be to the standard you were expecting. Often, the best place to try to resolve this is with the retailer directly, they can usually help to replace or fix items, but we understand that sometimes you may need to discuss this further and this is where we can help you.

If you would like to contact us at Ikano, and to help us make enquiries on your behalf, we will need the following information from you:

  • The name of the person (at the retailer) you spoke to, the date and what was discussed.
  • A copy of your purchase receipt.
  • A copy of any emails or letters you have in relation to waiting for a refund.
  • Copies of any letters, emails, delivery confirmations and any other relevant information you think we need to see

After we receive your claim

  • We'll let you know when we've raised it with the retailer.
  • We'll work with you and the retailer to try and resolve the problem within 60 days.
  • Where it takes longer, we'll keep you informed of how things are going.
  • We'll write to you with the result.

The retailer will often tell us they've sorted the problem with you directly. But before we close the claim, we'll still try to contact you to check you're happy with the outcome.

How to raise your claim

You can raise your claim through our online form, by email or post.


You can send us your claim  by filling in our online form.

Retailer claims form


Download our claims form, fill it in and send it with your evidence to:

Ikano Bank
PO Box 7221

Download claims form

Remember, you can send us your claim by filling in our online claims form.