How to sign your agreement online

How to sign your agreement online

Step 1: Sign in to the secure page

You'll get an email or text message with a link to the e-Signature page.

You'll need your application reference number to sign in. You can find it in any email or text message we send you about your application.

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Step 2: After you've signed in

1. Please scroll down to read the pre-contract information (SECCI). When you're ready, click on 'Proceed' to see your agreement.

2. Next you need to sign your agreement. Tick the box at the bottom of the page to confirm you're happy with the terms and conditions and click on 'Submit'.

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3. Print and save

It's a good idea to print and save your SECCI and agreement for your records.

Click on 'Close' to sign out of the secure page.

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