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Latest blog

Consumer rights and Buy Now Pay Later

Are customers unwittingly giving away their rights?

Payment service providers are now offering enticing and attractive buy now, pay later payment options. But how does this affect consumer Section 75 rights? Andy, from our Retail Partners team looks at Section 75 & payments, giving his view on how consumers can protect their purchases and their wallets.

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Latest Top Ten

Ikano Bank top ten series

Offering retail finance? 10 tips to engage and empower your team

With footfall set to skyrocket as peak season kicks in, setting your team up to confidently offer retail finance is a vital. Lani, from our retail partners team gives her top ten tips to engage and empower your team.

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Latest case study

Ikano Bank case study

Retail finance customers deliver up to 81% uplift vs. non-finance customers

Ikano Bank helped a high street fashion retailer understand the true value of their retail finance customers. Find out how a retail finance programme positively contributed to the growth of their business.

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Latest White paper

Instant credit whitepaper

Instant credit: delivering customer choice & incremental growth

Providing instant retail credit to consumers is critical to the retail business model. It makes customers more loyal, increases average transaction values and drives shopping frequency.

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