Financial support

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Worried about keeping up with your payments?

Don’t have sleepless nights over it. We have trained advisors who can help and support you.

It's really important that you don’t fall behind on paying for any of your financial products. It could affect your chances to get credit in future.

We want to help you avoid that, so please get in touch.

How to get support

If you've been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and you’re worried about keeping up with payments, please fill in our online form.

Coronavirus support form

If you have concerns about keeping up with payments for any reason, please call us on 0344 856 5753

+44 344 856 5753 if you're calling from abroad

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Coronavirus 3 month payment break

If your ability to make payments has been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, you can contact us to arrange a 3 month payment break.

If a payment break is agreed for your account, you will not be expected to make any payments for 3 months and no interest or fees will be charged.

This payment break will not have any impacts on your credit history, as we will not report any missed payments to the credit reference agencies during this agreed period.

At the end of the payment break, we’ll expect you to return to your normal monthly contractual payments.

We’ll contact you before your payments restart to remind you.  If you are still financially affected and restarting payments isn’t possible for you, please contact us on 0344 856 5753 as there may be additional payment breaks or other payment support available.

Free independent advice

If you'd prefer to talk to someone else, there are lots of charities who give free help and advice:

Money Advice Service

Money Advice Service

You can use the Money Advice Service Debt Test Tool to understand more about how much debt you currently have and see how you can get back on track.