what's your aim for the Ikano Bank Robin Hood Marathon Weekend 2019

Well done Nottingham! Last year we ran over 107,500 miles

What can we achieve in 2019?

Whether you are aiming for a personal best, trying to avoid blisters, raising money for a good cause or just want to do more as a family - whatever your target, we hope you achieve it.

To help motivate you, we teamed up with Paralympic gold medallist and world record holder Richard Whitehead MBE. His story can help inspire you to achieve any target in life, and for those of you who are running the half marathon this year Richard has shared his tips and training guide to help you achieve this.

Read Richard's top tips


Ikano Bank Robin Hood Half Marathon start

My aim is to run without stopping
Fartlek training

Top Tip - Fartlek Training

A fartlek session can be either the easiest or hardest thing you do all week. It's a Swedish term meaning 'speed play', and consists of fast, medium and slow running over a variety of distances.

After a steady warm-up, simply pick a landmark - for example a tree, lamp-post or a post box and run to it at speed, then jog (slowly!) until you've recovered and repeat over and over.

We promise you it works (we're not full of hot air).

Read Richard's top tips

Richard Whitehead, MBE

He’s a massive source of inspiration for people who have an aim they want to achieve, so we’re proud to partner with Paralympian and world record holder Richard Whitehead MBE.

Born without his lower legs, he has never let this stop him in his quest to be the best that he can be at running and his achievements speak for themselves…

Richard holds the world record in his class for both full and half marathons. In 2013, he embarked on the challenge of a lifetime, running 40 marathons in 40 days. He covered the length of Great Britain and raised £1,000,000 for charities, including Sarcoma UK of which Richard is patron.

Richard is also the Paralympic and World T42 200m sprint champion, winning gold at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics. He also won silver for the T42 100m in Rio.

In 2013 Richard received an MBE for services to athletics and he was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2016 Nottingham Post Sports Awards.

‘What’s His Aim’ now?… well it’s big of course - gold in Tokyo in 2020. Not bad for a man who will be in his mid-40s!!

Richard holds a firm belief that disability should be no barrier to achieving your goals. His mantra? To live life without limits, accept who you are and push the barriers as far as they’ll go.

Richard Whitehead MBE